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Шуточное название данной ститьи – «патч-файл» Лига Легенд в. Популярная MOBA ​League of Legends получила крупное обновление 7.

Это частый баг у разных чемпионов, когда анимация шагов не чередуется.

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По крайней мере в режиме наблюдателя. Кого теперь будут реворкат думаю Ирку потом Нуну и Ксинжао в середине года НУ ЭТО НЕ ТОЧНО! Возможно, в следующем обновлении будет сразу несколько откатов, включая ЛеБланк и Ренгара. Боже, наконец-то риоты баффнули Виктора. И да, снижение кд ульты важнее щитка. Это приятно, конечно при 6 слотах иметь щиток на 400+хп, но это не то, что нужно Виктору. А вот ульт в каждом файте - вкуснотища.

Разбираем обновление - Лига Легенд PATCH 83

Много кого без изменений оставили, хотя на ПБЕ была просто гора тестов. Если всё это вывалят на следующий патч + изменения предметов - будет жестко. Уже столько времени перс введен и только один образ! Не нароешь там инфу по этому поводу? " Отличный сайт, насмеялся вдоволь. Здесь очень много нашел смешного видео из далекого прошлого что давно позабыл, что не могло не порадовать, и множество видео которых я еще не видел, посидел часик на сайте чуть не умер со смеху. Книги ожили на экране телевизора. Нарисован мультик очень ярко.

" Мультик про богатырей, по-прежнему очень веселый интересный, есть много мест где посмеяться, хотя, конечно, он уступает всем преждним частям, но все равно советую всем посмотреть, не пожалеете! " Главная тема всех каналов - послание президента ФС. Ошеломили образцы нового российского вооружения, его широкие технологические возможности. " Бузова с Тимуром очень красивая пара,на них приятно посмотреть! Я думаю, время покажет,но за ребят буду рада. Не вериться в дружбу, если честно) Попались!

Ольга как-то странно себя ведет. Use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit: subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author: username find submissions by "username" site: example. Com find submissions from "example. Subreddit:aww site:imgur. Wonder how this will shake up top lane, Klepto nerfs seem quite large. Klepto nerfed hard, precision nerfed (lol) and aftershock buffed? Tanks will become even stronger and everyone and their mother are going to abuse aftershock now. Honestly might be riven's second best keystone now, free resistances were always good with her E and you can splash over from another tree to still get AD with resolve primary.

If I'm not taking spellbook I will probably take this. So at level 3 with her W, Leona gets over 100 mr and armor if she lands a Q.

League of Legends — Обновление 81

No idea what riot is doing with aftershock. Is it so hard to understand that it needs straight up nerfs and not just shit power into some other part of it, which will probably make it stronger that it was? Lol they nerf ezreal because he's too strong with klepto, but then they nerf that too.

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Wait, Riot nerfed a champion and then also nerfed the thing that actually made them OP? They would never do that! Riot always does this with Ezreal, whenever something is ripe for Ezreal to abuse riot is quick to nerf him, then they realize Ezreal wasn't really the problem, it was actually the item (in this case mastery) so they change it or get rid of it but let Ezreal post nerf so he can be in the dumpster for like half a season until there is a big change in the meta.

Honestly the nerfs are still fair, he is still the best Klepto abuser by far and if they keep it as it is he's still gonna be great. I just wish they would revert the attack speed nerf now that they've nerfed him again and Klepto twice. Targeted damaging spells draw minion aggro. Champions with spammable targeted spells, like Pantheon and Cassiopeia, put opposing laners in an awkward position: fight back and draw minion aggro, or just take the punishment they hand out. Changing this mechanic will make those champions a lot more intuitive to play against, as well as easier to balance.

It almost for sure will be meta-warping. This affects a large number of traditional lane bullies and several others in a way that does partially change how they're played.

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If I had to guess, thanks to Riot's spaghetti your tunnel will actually draw aggro lol. Meddler (I think) made a post in the Riot forums talking about it, some champions will get compensations for this nerf in the future, since it affects mid laners the hardest since they can't drop aggro in the bush like most top laners. Shameless plug - Meddler talks about changes like these pretty often in his. He also takes questions & comments about gameplay topics as a whole there.

If you're interested in getting the very latest news on what gameplay teams (including champions, balance, runes, items etc. Are currently looking into, testing or requesting feedback on that's a really good place to hang out. RIP any ranged champion with targeted spells trying to abuse melees early in lane lol. Shameless plug - Meddler talks about changes like these pretty often in his.

League of Legends Patch 81: Welcome to the new season

He also takes questions & comments about gameplay topics as a whole there. If you're interested in getting the very latest news on what gameplay teams (including champions, balance, runes, items etc. Are currently looking into, testing or requesting feedback on that's a really good place to hang out. It seems really nice on paper considering some of the more annoying champs right now, but I can see this having unforeseen consequences that could make it pretty problematic.

I wonder if Malz E triggers minion aggro if it bounces to a champion or only if it's cast on a champion. Well most of the time if it is bouncing off a minion to a champ the wave is dead or the Malz is backed off to where it wouldn't matter. The change to minion aggro is incredibly big, I feel it will definitely change how people play lane phase by a significant amount. Me: "Now supports have no choice but to get a sightstone! The chances of that happening is the same as FoN coming back, it will break so many champions right now. Yeah they could give that active to a new item and call it.

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Twin shadows or something like that. It sucks how everyone but supports taking support items ruined them for the people who actually play support. This is why we can't have nice things. So they took my Ruby Sightstone 20% item CDR, they take away my full team mobility boost from talisman and my duo shield from FotM. And they didn't even place those actives into other items. I might change my tune once I actually play the patch, but at the moment it looks like Riot just nerfed the shit out of everything that made Supporting feel impactful and fun this preseason.

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Bear in mind that you also don’t have to spend 800g on Sightstone anymore, meaning you can get your Knight’s Vow/Censer/Locket/etc sooner (why spend 800g on SS now when you can just spend it on T2 support item plus boots? I’m not saying that this change was correct (and I’m a support main fwiw). I want them to compensate for the actives being gone, and for the item active CDR loss on RSS. But the change isn’t entirely downside, either.

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Realistically, this plus the Spoils of War change kills the Relic ADC meta as well, which is nice—that shit was annoying. I'd say that the sightstone change might not have killed the relic adc meta.

The loss of the shield does impact combat survivability, but getting that much extra vision adds a lot of safety. So the spoils change is necessary either way. Back to the garbage bin for me. It is a vicious cycle, becomes garbage tier and be unable to play him to god tier and unable to play him because he is banned and instalocked each game by the other team. You guys know the deal, what am I drawing to go along with, and on my fridge of shame? Someone made an oopsie I think, we missed the cutoff and this feature is going out in 8. I'll make sure we get these patch notes edited, sorry to disappoint.

The jinx changes is pretty weird, how is she going to break the Aspd cap? Especially when most of the time jinx can't use mini gun during teamfight.

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Keep in mind, Jinx's passive AS steroid is not based on base attack speed like most other AS buffs, it's based on total attack speed so it will multiply on top of whatever AS you have when it procs. And while she can't really use minigun without putting herself at risk, I think that's part of the intended trade-off. Maybe Lethal Tempo becomes better? Maybe Lethal Tempo becomes better?

Почему так случилось

The whole point of lethal tempo is that it breaks AS cap and allows time-based ADCs like Kog to deal some heavy damage. If kog had his W active all day I don't think he'd use it either. I don’t see where you’re getting that from, this buff makes her better throughout essentially the entire games levels 17 and 18 (as good or better from levels 3 or 4-16), and the extra AS she gets at those levels makes her 1v1 better and farming easier.

Yes she relies on a teamfight takedown to truly pop off but she always has, she has no passive until that happens. In what world is it a good idea for tanks to have +70 resistances at level 1. I actually have those Azir stats but I'm warning of what's to come. Not to mention, Hextech GLP is one of the least purchased items. Th from the bottom over Zz'rot Portal, Banner of Command, Poacher's Dirk and Ohmwrecker according to. They know no one uses it and instead of replacing it, they're buffing it. I mean sure, you could run Glacial Augment and build Righteous Glory and/or Randuin's Omen buuuut you're probably better off going with the Resolve tree keystones.

Yep, I worded that poorly, wanted to say that Thresh, just like Rakan, both count as ranged. Rakan never had any interest in Relic Shield, unlike Thresh.

Riot’s pushing jungle Ekko like Blizzard pushes discard Warlock. Also RIP Pantheon with those minion aggro changes.

League of Legends Patch 81: Welcome to the new season

Beating Panth in lane feels amazing because you know he's gonna do zero later. Champ needs a rework pretty badly. So completely one-dimensional and absolute cancer to lane against, but you can't really call him completely busted.